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moj pierwszy post - bo widze ze macie problem zeby to scrackowac..

mam jedna istrukcje obslugi ale potrzebuje jej przetlumaczenie

"Use Psiloc irRemote v1.00 full version without signing (HOT TRICK) 100% Working

You can now easily use Psiloc irRemote v1.00 full version.... just follow this systems.....
we all know that Psiloc irRemote v1.00 has 3 parts.
1. irRemote.Setup. 2. DRMCommonSolutions and 3.

it's so sad that num 1 and 2 are signed but number 3 is unsign and nobody can sign it by using opensign process also.....

at first install the number 1 and then install number 2. Don't touch number 3 now... and after complete don't try to open the app now.....

now turn off your phone and remove memory card. plugin it PC by using Card Reader...

i attached here 2 zip files... ...

unzip number 1 zip file.. here you will find a file called PsilocSC.dat . copy this item to E:\Resource\CommonDRM\ (means memory card)

unzip number 2 zip file.. here you will find 3 files called PsilocSC.dll, DRMBiNPDASignerCore.dll and DRMCommonLicSrv.exe . copy all them to
"E:\sys\bin\ (means memory card)

Now again attach memory card and turn on your phone.. again install 1. irRemote.Setup and 2. DRMCommonSolutions ... I mean replace the application... and EnJoY

this trick is 100% working with N95...not working with N95 8GB

jesli ktos opcykany niech tu odpisze..
pozniej wrzuce pliki do tego patenta.. pzdrw

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ale widze ze juz jest post o tym wiec to mozna close.
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